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1. Civil Branch

             Civil Engineering department has spent  Rs.2.8  lakhs   to train their students in software development and its usage by acquiring a Compaq prosigma server 150MHz pentium processor with five nodes.


2. Mechanical Branch

           Mechanical Engineering Department has acquired a cylindrical grinding machine and a universal milling machine each costing Rs.5 lakhs to augment the facilities of its machine shop. CAD laboratory which is in great demand by the students  and industry  alike,  was   provided  with 10 new computer systems to setup a LAN  at the cost   of Rs.4.32 lakhs. During last two years 60 personals from  the  college  and  the  industry were trained for our academic schedule.


3. Electrical Branch

           Electrical and Electronics Engineering department has also set up  a computer laboratory and procured one server and ten nodes for LAN.


4. Electronics & Communication Branch

             The computer laboratory of  Electronics and communication department  was updated at the cost of Rs.13 lakhs  by procuring two  servers and 20 nodes, the funds for which were providing by AICTE, NewDelhi.


5. Computer Science and Engineering Branch

             The    department   of    Computer  Science  updated  their  P.C.Center with
Multimedia / Imageprocessing  lab  and  Systems  lab.  Pentium III  nodes  with  colour monitors, three servers, 24 pin-printers, five Compaq pentium  based   desktops added and total  connectivity was  provided between Linux,  Novel Netware and Windows NT servers.


6. Chemical Engineering Branch

             The department of Chemical Engineering, which was started recently   spent Rs.30 lakhs to make available computer  controlled heat  transfer equipment, fluidised  Bed set  up,  P.I.D  controllers, microprocessor based value characteristics, in addition to usual analytical set up.


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